Art Wall Foundations

Here are 11 key pieces you need to curate in order to harmonize and uplift the design of your home for living well everyday. Well designed spaces dictate our moods and productivity – organize your space with the right collection to bring out the best in you.

01 The Abstract Watercolor

Ambiguous projections of personal thoughts and feelings, an abstract watercolor is like a visual problem-solving tool that hangs on your wall inviting you to see something clearer.

02 The Botanical

A sprig of olive is believed to drive away evil spirits. Put this little gem up in any room and send those mofo’s back to where they came from. 

03 The Neutral 

A neutral piece balances out any gallery wall, providing a solace and place for your eyes to rest, relax and zone out into that special place we all go. 

04 The Line Drawing

A simple, breathable drawing. A continuous line, no mistakes, no erasing, just flow.

05 The Quote

Something personal that resonates and uplifts you everyday. Something that keeps everything in perspective.

06 The Landscape

Left, right, and center. A landscape brings nature into the home, and home back to nature. 

07 The Figure

A classic piece that comes in all forms, choose a figure with volume and form, something you could wrap your arms around. 

08 The Family Photo 

We know you’re surrounded by them everyday and there’s no place to hide, but let’s remember the good ol days of travel and exploration with the family by putting up a moment you cherish together.

09 The Pattern 

Mimic the patterns that surround you from textiles, to architecture, to your moods. There’s a pattern that fits your everyday style.

10 The Personal

Whatever your interior design style, put a piece up that defines that style. Scandanavian? Minimalist? Mid-Century? Modern? Traditional? Let me help you create that perfect piece!

11 The B&W

Bold. Demands attention. Adds structure and depth to any art collection.

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